HIS Wingspan Owner

Hello there...

I thank you for coming over to visit! I would love to get to know more about you and your needs, so please feel free to connect with me anytime! 

I hope we warm your heart and make you smile today... :)

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My Story

Becoming a product designer was the path I decided to take, but my first love was motherhood....and it started before I even gave birth to my own children. I've benefited from interacting with many different people and understand the  value that we all bring with our indvidual uniqueness.  

I was inspired to open HIS Wingspan, as an organization that would showcase the athletic ability and academic achievements of youth who faced limitations while aspiring to be great. When the COVID pandemic occurred, I pivoted by tapping into the product design and delivery industry, as I knew I could be equally effective here too.  While reviewing employment data for this industry, I surprisingly learned there was a gap with people with disabilities having a seat at this table. Therefore, I intend to bridge the gap by bringing awareness about cognitive deficits, and through the introduction of product design to our youth.  Supporting my online shop will help me achieve this! Thank you in advance for your purchases. 


Tea time with Tee is a great opportunity to learn more about me and my goals, along with some of the work I do within the community. These are held on the third Thursday of the month at lunch time. Email me for more information: herwingspan@gmail.com

...and when I am not consumed with motherhood and design work, you can find me at a basketball game or maybe in an IEP meeting! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to connect with the community. Let's have tea!