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The authorship walk...

Over at HIS Wingspan, we are currently walking the authorship journey. Many of our fans have followed us down this path and we truly appreciate you.  If you would like to stay connected and be informed when the book officially launches, click the mail button, and leave us a message.  

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Many of you have been on my journey with me since wayyyy back, but there's always a time when I hear, "ooh i didn't know that about you!" Well get ready! I’m sharing part of my story, now! Future author in the making!!! Stay tuned~ C. Hope

Church was good this day! At the end, I felt like the moment was just for me... but it was for all of us, especially the babies. Right before I meet with my editor, I heard my Pastor speak key words I focused on (can he get out my book, before I publish it! ) My prayer continues to be: "Lord contend with what contends with your children."

I told y'all my Pastor looked over my shoulder as I wrote my first draft to my book .... well I met with my editor and I moved from she, her, they, them, to "I"....Now I can't wait for you all to experience what I did during my faith journey. Stay tuned!

Looking back, just for a moment, can build empathy. This is our only way of having an understanding and awareness to what someone has experienced. Being empathetic isn't an emotion I lead with, but I know how to use it when it's needed. Leaders have to keep this in mind!

My goal is to become an international best-selling author...and this means being receptive to some of the changes that come out of the editing process (while still remaining authentic, because some of y'all know me!). I'm truly grateful for this experience - and my editor just don't know- I'm taking heed to everything mentioned. Little words can make someone think about something that causes big change!

One step closer to completion- guys!!! Thank you for following me during this authorship journey! The Ignite Your Faith book will be released soon. I’m excited! I know it will bless many of you. Get your tissues now and get ready to see hope today!

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