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The Dip Show

"The Dip Show" project has launched! Chef Dip and his assistants will explore different activities, such as cooking, and showcase the work. Please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe here: 


Our hope is that the activities will allow the children to practice their speech, mental, and emotional health techniques (among other things); as well as encourage/motivate fellow youngsters to reach beyond their limits!

The children featured in our episodes, may/may not be a person with a disability. It's important to know that we encourage all environments to be inclusive and accommodating to all types of people.  We also do not script any of the it's raw and uncut...there's no telling what may be said!!!! But, please be assured that all the content is appropriate for children. 

Junior Chef sets may be ordered by clicking here.

The Dip Show hosts are now authors! 

Chef Dip's book is about taking pizza orders and he encourages us to have friends who may be different than us.  Click here to read the story: Mmm ...that smells good! The Pizza Order

Chef Nuk's book is about making cake pops and she shows us that it's ok to try new things. Click here to read the story: Mmm ...that smells good! The Cake Pops


Current Episodes

Episode 0: Chef Dip and his mother talks about kitchen safety. We learned five key areas to ensure there are no hiccups when preparing food dishes. Click here to watch


Episode 2: The chefs learned how to measure dry and wet ingredients. They also learned the value of working together as a team and the importance of cleanliness. Click here to watch.


Episode 3: Chef Dip and his assistant are learning how to develop grocery lists and how to go grocery shopping. They gathered the ingredients they needed to make a special dip. Click here to watch


Episode 4: Chef Dip and his assistant is all about making the Dip! Chef Dip exhibits leadership during the process and we learn about combining ingredients to make a great dip for our apples.. Click here to watch

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