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Game Schedule

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Xzavaier Hawkins, Center #40 C/O 2022
Coach, Bob Williams Fork Union Military Academy

FUMA's basketball schedule is now available. Please note there have been some schedule changes, since this was originally posted. See the details below.  Home games are live streamed, via this link: Fork Union Military Academy - YouTube

Oct 22 vs Navy Prep 7:30 (schedule change)

Annapolis MD (W)


Oct 26 vs Miller School 5:00 (schedule change)

Fork Union VA (W)

Nov 1 vs CBA 6:00

Fork Union VA

Nov 4 vs VMI 7:30 (schedule change)

Lexington VA 


Nov 8 vs Experience Academy 6:00 (schedule change)

Annapolis MD

Nov 11 at VA Post Grad 7:00

Chantilly VA


Nov 16 vs Blueridge 4:00

Fork Union VA


Nov 19-20

National Prep Showcase
     19th- St. Thomas More School 10:30 AM

     20th- Brewster Academy 9:00 AM

New Haven CT

Nov 30 vs Experience Academy (TN) 6:00 
(schedule change)

Fork Union VA

Dec 2 at TPLS 12:00 PM (schedule change)

Richmond VA


Dec 4 vs SW Ohio Prep 1:00

Fork Union VA


Dec 7 vs Word of God 6:00

Fork Union VA


Dec 10-11 FUMA Christmas Classic (schedule change)

Fork Union VA 

  • DEC 10 (FRI) 7:00 PM

  • DEC 11 (SAT) 1:00 PM

  • DEC 11 (SAT) 3:00 PM


Dec 14 vs TPLS 3:00

Fork Union VA


Dec 14 vs TPLS 3:00

Fork Union VA

All games below are additions from the original schedule posted:

Jan 13 vs Roanoke College 4:00

Roanoke, VA

Jan 15 vs Hosanna College Prep 3:00

Durham, NC

Jan 17 TBA (MLK Classic)

Durham, NC

Jan 22 vs Hargrave Military Academy  Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Jan 25 vs Massanutten Military Academy 6:00

Fork Union VA

Jan 28-30 vs Hargrave Military Circuit Time: TBA

Chatham, VA

Feb 1 vs Virginia Post Grad 6:00

Fork Union VA

Feb 5-6 Fork Union Military Circuit Time: TBA

Fork Union VA

Feb 9 vs Word of God Time: TBA

Raleigh, NC

Feb 12-13 vs Massanutten Military Circuit Time: TBA

Woodstock, VA

Feb 17 vs Massanutten Military Academy 7:00

Woodstock VA

Feb 25-26  vs Hargrave First Piedmont Invitational 
Time: TBA

Chatham, VA

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