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Our student-athlete, Xzavaier Hawkins attends Mars Hill University as class of 2026. He previously attended Fork Union Military Academy and Largo High School, MD. He is a published author, who enjoys playing basketball and staying on top of his academics. He didn't realize his true potential until he soared towards getting on the honor roll. 

Xzavaier is known to not be a speaker, but rather a writer. He has participated in a student anthology, short story contests, and essay contests. His accomplishments inspire many youth who trail behind him and  he now realizes that his big footprints matter. He will have more stories to tell as he pursue scholarship and sportsmanship. 

If  Xzavaier is not studying his zoology curriculum, he is focused on developing his basketball skills. When you see him - you will not miss him- he has a remarkable wingspan!

Past Activity: Varsity Center w/Largo High School  & Center w/PG Bulls, AAU-Basketball 

Past Interview: The Huddle Post Game Show (Vs. NCA)

Media Day: PGCPS Student Athlete Representative