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Our student-athlete, Isaiah Hughes is a twin! He has always enjoyed sports, despite his doctors believing he could be successful in it. Isaiah soared and accomplished his desire to participate not only in football, but basketball too!  His dedication to a healthy lifestyle and development allowed his doctors to provide him with a thumbs up to pursue sports. This resulted in him being selected as best defensive player while in Middle School. 

Academics are very important to him. Isaiah was his Middle School class' valedictorian.  Continuing this scholarship journey, he transitioned to Wise High School with hopes to join their sports team.  He's grateful for the opportunity he had with Dunbar High School where he averaged 15 points -15 rebounds - and 15 assists, during a basketball game.  And, he was the team leader for Junior Varsity.

Current activity:  Small Forward w/PG Bulls, AAU-Basketball 

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